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A B O U T   M E



My name is Lina and I am a 26 years old commercial

Photographer & Videographer specialising in outdoor, sports and automotive. 


I was born and raised in the beautiful region Rheingau near Wiesbaden in Germany. I grew up in a sporty and creative family with a passion for the outdoors.


I already felt the desire to capture authentic moments at an early age. When I was a teenager I started to film while skateboarding, snowboarding and just every day life with friends and family. I always had a camera with me. 


After I finished high school in 2015, I travelled to Newzealand for half a year.

I did not spent one day without capturing the beautiful landscapes I was surrounded by. In this time I figured out that I want to take pictures and make films for a living.  


When I got back to Germany in 2016 I began to study film at Hochschule Darmstadt. Next to my studies, I started my career as a freelancer. I finished my Bachelor of Arts in 2020 and moved to the beautiful city of Munich to live closer to the mountains and work fulltime as a freelance

Photographer & Videographer.


I love to shoot outdoors in nature using natural lighting, for great brands with authentic people and athletes, people with a passion for something, people creating something with their hands, people doing what they love. 




S E L E C T E D   C L I E N T S  

The North Face, Fingerscrossed, Mammut, Scott, Visit Dresden, e.on, American Express, Specialized, Air Up, Veloine, Bauerfeind, Ryzon, Keller Sports, Globetrotter, Audi, Harman Kardon, Icebreaker, Porsche, Haglöfs and more.